Talking Text with Real Human Voice App revisa


The app mispronounced "bonjour". The advertised optional voices were not available.

Cannot switch voices

Like a previous reviewer stated- the other voice options are in the settings app- I bought this app solely because it advertised a UK Male voice option. You cannot get any voice but UK Female or US Female to work. The two female voices are very realistic- but this app is useless to me without the Male voice options it advertised. Please developers- fix this issue and I will update my review to 5 stars


I've never rated an app but for this one ill make an exception since its so amazing

Nice sounding voice

Wow, it is so nice to hear a calm, easy voice speaking rather than Siri's stern firm voice. I agree that Apple should license these voices as Siri alternatives. Under iOS 6, I get a British Female voice on my iPhone and an American Female voice on my iPad as defaults (probably because I set my iPhone to British English so the Siri voice would be the British Butler rather than the obnoxious female voice). Ironically, I can't seem to be able to change the voices for this app to anything other than the default. The voice settings are hidden way away under the Settings app (rather than selectable within the app which would be way easier). There are lots of voice options listed, so I hope this bug will be fixed soon. I've had no problem copying and pasting whole news articles into the app for reading. Closing all other open apps and relaunching this one seems to assure there is enough memory available to run correctly.

Quite lifelike!

I'm surprised at how well this app can read words. I have not had the issue mentioned by the other reviewer, but my inputs haven't been longer than 30 or so words. I actually wish Siri used the voice generator from this app.

Needs work..

The first two or three sentences that I tried with this app seemed to work okay. But anything over a paragraph or so the app will not read it. So developers, back to the drawing board.

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